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Posted with the gracious permission of the mod

Hi folks,

My name is Ninalyn, and I’m coming with a request. I'm the mod of a comm called gulf_aid_now. For those of you who participated in or have heard of help_haiti, it's exactly the same concept, except set up to aid the people and animals suffering from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. For those of you who didn't or haven't, here's a thirty-second rundown on how the comm works:

We are trying to raise aid for those in the Gulf by harnessing the creativity of LiveJournal members. Basically, people post auctions for creative items (e.g. offers to write fanfiction, make icons, draw fanart, crochet/make bead jewelry/knit/etc.) or, occasionally, storebought items that are hard to find (we have a box of Belgian chocolates up for grabs right now). Other people then bid on the auction. The winning bidder pays their bid, not to the auctioner, but to a Gulf-based charity (a whole slew of suggestions are posted on the comm, or you can choose your own). The bidder provides confirmation to the auctioner that they have donated, and then receives their item.

I'm stopping by here to ask if anyone is interested in auctioning or bidding on items; the first auction ends on the 18th, but another will be going up on the 20th, and every penny helps.

If you want to pass the word onto your flist but don't feel like writing a full post, feel free to crosspost from my personal journal; there's a public post right under the semi-friends-only banner that contains the relevant info and you're welcome to link it.

Thanks, guys!

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