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w e l c o m e t o thejonasbros
Welcome to the Jonas Brothers LiveJournal community! This community is run by Jade (thoseguiltyeyes), Katie (at_dannysdisco), Priscilla (priscillaf), Emma (allshedreams), and Ashley (ticklemebillie). You will find anything and everything Jonas Brothers. Come and join other JB fans as we discuss the latest news, gush over the latest pictures, and interact with the community activities and more! We are a moderated-post community; so please read the rules before you start to post!

r u l e s
1. Sharing = ♥
2. LJ CUT is required for long semi-HQ - HQ pics, articles, graphic posts, & fan encounters, etcetera.
3. Do not repeat entries.
4. Click here for the rest of the rules.

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