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16th September 2011

mmmelly10:11pm: Selling Jonas Brothers Tour Books
Hello Jonas Brothers Fans!
I am selling 3 Burning Up - On Tour with the Jonas Brothers tour books. They are all brand new except 1 of them has a slit in the paper cover on the front but i bought it new that way. Otherwise, they are pretty much in new condition. I have no idea what to sell them for so just make an offer. There will be a shipping fee
 but no more than what it will cost for me to ship it. If they dont sell here I will be putting them up on ebay but maybe at a later date so get these before they are gone! Also I prefer to only deal through paypal if possible but I am willing to discuss. Thank you.

4th July 2011

actors: Alex Pettyfer
singers: Cher Lloyd, Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez, Rihanna
actresses: Leighton Meester, Nina Dobrev
tv shows: Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries
people: Lauren Conrad, Ashley Tisdale&Zac Efron

click here to see more @ .future_kids .

30th May 2011

macabiada12:45am: {24} McFly
{12} Avril Lavigne
{19} Jonas Brothers
{25} Hayley Williams
{15} Emma Watson


I might be paranoid.

23rd April 2011

Leighton Meester
Ian Somerhalder
Taylor Swift
-Nick & Joe Jonas
Miley Cyrus
Pretty Little Liars

more HERE @ rossegardden 
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12th April 2011

macabiada11:54pm: {14} Demi Lovato
{20} Lady Gaga
{21} Miley Cyrus
{10} Taylor Swift
{27} Jonas Brothers


Tonight i'm gonna fly.

24th November 2010

macabiada9:15pm: {9} Demi Lovato
{12} Daniel Radcliffe
{14} miley Cyrus
{35} Jonas Brothers
{27} Emma Watson


More here at macabiada 

17th October 2010

macabiada2:40am: {12} Kaya Scodelario
{11} Dan Radcliffe
{9} Tom Felton
{13} Rupert Grint
{5} Danny Jones
{15} Kevin, Joe & Nick jonas


People change and promises are broken.

3rd October 2010

macabiada1:54am: teasers:

more here at macabiada 

20th September 2010


here @ festival_lights

19th September 2010

80 various celeb icons in a icon battle

see them here @ artexpovera

29th August 2010

emilidean10:49pm: jonas icons
[040] Joe Jonas
[045] Nick Jonas


that's why my ex is still my ex

24th August 2010

ya_review9:17am: Ticket Contest in Sacramento, Houston & Tampa
 Today's Teen Online is giving away tickets to fans in Sacramento, Houston & Tampa. Pretty simple--just twitter and leave a name/email/and how you plan on getting to the concert. The winner gets to write or make a video about the experience for their readers.

Anyone entering?


1st July 2010

xfilipinolovex11:30am: Sexy Joe icons (;
don't you just love him ? sexy muscles ;p .

P R E V I E W ;; [[CREDIT]]

More icons hereCollapse )
Current Mood: lazy

16th June 2010

technicolornina9:21pm: Posted with the gracious permission of the mod
Hi folks,

My name is Ninalyn, and I’m coming with a request. I'm the mod of a comm called gulf_aid_now. For those of you who participated in or have heard of help_haiti, it's exactly the same concept, except set up to aid the people and animals suffering from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. For those of you who didn't or haven't, here's a thirty-second rundown on how the comm works:

We are trying to raise aid for those in the Gulf by harnessing the creativity of LiveJournal members. Basically, people post auctions for creative items (e.g. offers to write fanfiction, make icons, draw fanart, crochet/make bead jewelry/knit/etc.) or, occasionally, storebought items that are hard to find (we have a box of Belgian chocolates up for grabs right now). Other people then bid on the auction. The winning bidder pays their bid, not to the auctioner, but to a Gulf-based charity (a whole slew of suggestions are posted on the comm, or you can choose your own). The bidder provides confirmation to the auctioner that they have donated, and then receives their item.

I'm stopping by here to ask if anyone is interested in auctioning or bidding on items; the first auction ends on the 18th, but another will be going up on the 20th, and every penny helps.

If you want to pass the word onto your flist but don't feel like writing a full post, feel free to crosspost from my personal journal; there's a public post right under the semi-friends-only banner that contains the relevant info and you're welcome to link it.

Thanks, guys!


12th May 2010

Demi, Miley, Selena or Jonas Brothers?
choose a team HERE

JOIN US dstarsverse
An Interactive Challenge Commuity for Disney Channel Stars

11th May 2010

mizz_britain12:19am: Hey! I've opened a new interactive fan fiction site! Heres the site so you can check it out


will be interactive fiction involving...

- Twilight
- Gossip Girl
- Jonas Brothers
- Adult
- etc...

5th April 2010

silverponies1:27am: -Demi Lovato
-Joe Jonas
-Nick Jonas
-Kevin Jonas


24th February 2010

arial1:07pm: joe jonas, hannah montana: the movie, miley cyrus, the last song + 3 wallpapers, startstruck


here @ festival_lights

10th February 2010

semiblonde3:13am: The boy doesn't get enough love, so I started with him. You can look forward to 100 icon challenges for Nick and Joe in the future, as well as a general 100 icon challenge for the brothers as a whole.

44/100 icons located here at brainspasmz


8th February 2010

sweettxpea5:46pm: This batch includes: Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Jonas Brothers animations



HERE @ simplexowhisper 

7th January 2010

thelightisdim8:44pm: 045 icons + banners
A few icons and banners
025 Joe Jonas
020 Nick Jonas

003 Joe Jonas
005 Nick Jonas


(more over here)

6th January 2010

davidychus2:50pm: art: assorted jobros and gangster joseph
I hope this is allowed, I have some sketches and art posted over at my fandom journal.

more @ exactical

21st November 2009

overprotected1:01pm: Icons
001-076; Jonas Brothers
077-121; Justin Bieber
122-125; Michael Jackson
126-146; New Moon (+Cast)
147-148; Paul Wesley
149-162; One Tree Hill

2 .PSD's

public for 3 days

(follow the yellow brick road)
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